14 Aug 2008

4x4 Merdeka Challenge , Kulim Lasak

Unusual numbers of different makes of 4WD were seen surrounding Kulim town, especially around Taman Selasih on Saturday - 2nd of August 2008.
What's going on ...... what's happening ......
Oooohhhh ........... a 4x4 challenge was on .....

The 4x4 Challenge, which was organised by Centipede Off-Road Team. We (Ricky Fong, Sunny Wong, GG Lim, Abang Hai & me) from 4x4 adventurers.com together with some very close friends (Vincent Wong, Martin, Ma Kok Keong, Calvin, Ah Hao) who are very experience in 4x4 challenge events were invited to be the marshals & officers of the event.

Details of the event are as below :-
Event title : 4x4 Merdeka Challenge , Kulim Lasak
Event organizer : Centipede Off-Road Team
Address : No 917, Lorong Selasih 7A/4, Taman Selasih 09000 Kulim Kedah
Location of event : A specially designed Off-Road track behind TNB Kulim in Taman Selasih, Kulim and River bank of Sungai Keladi in Kulim.

The Participants were :-
1) Ah Hock (from Kangar)
2) Zali (from Jitra 4x4)
3) Mat (from Jitra 4x4)
4) Ah Leong
5) Ah Fook
6) Steve Lim
7) Ah Hean
8) Yusri
9) Peter
10) Chin Junior (Chin Kan Cheng's Elderst Son)

Result of the competition :-
Champion : En. Zali
Runner up : Ah Fook
3rd place : Ah Hean
4th place : Chin Junior
Best car award : Ah Hean
Best Driver : En. Yusri
Best Co-driver : Ah Fook's co driver.
Best Actor of Grammy award : Mr. Peter
Up coming driver : Chin Junior

Some action Photos of the event

Special Delivery ..... 4WD in a Lorry

Show Time .......

Family event .... hohoho

Measuring the Depth of the hole

Stun Show ... !!

Fighting hard .....

Powerful 4WD .....

Taking off  ..... !?

Hooray ! I am the best ...

Fully modify machine

River Crossing

Stuck in the River ??

Another way of Rvier crossing ... ;-)

Crossing the River

Preparing for the next SS ....


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